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Our FCCCPC's Facebook page and YouTube channel from Filipino Canadian Catholic Charismatic Prayer Communities (FCCCPC) is to help Filipino charismatic communities by giving spiritual and moral formation, training, seminars, and conventions/ conferences.
We upload Put God First - Study JOURNAL on Tuesdays and Fridays as a way for our community to stay near the Church and our Catholic Faith. Our Speaker on Note-taking is Bro. Don Quilao.
Our Seminar will focus on Growth in the Spirit Seminars that follows the Life In The Spirit Seminars. They help us continue to grow and mature spiritually. The four seminars in this series cover the Sessions:
1. Loving God
2. Christian Love
3. Faith / Living by Faith
4. Guidance
Join us for our Growth in the Spirit Seminar (GSS) FAITH - Session 3 | Episode 1 of 2

To learn more on the talk on - Growth in the Spirit Seminar (GSS) FAITH - A Study Journal | Session 3 | Episode 1 of 2 - Study with me from the talk of Bro. Don Quilao (brilliant short videos you can watch in one go).