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We are all called to be intentional disciples, all called to be holy. Discipleship begins with a personal encounter and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is from that living relationship with Jesus and with the Father Who declares to us as He did to Jesus, "You are My beloved son, My beloved daughter. With you I AM well pleased." As we grow in our relationship and our identity "in Him" our mission will be revealed to us and the Holy Spirit poured out upon us and within us so we can each attain the divine destiny we were created for. We are different and have been given different gifts and talents, but together we form a complete whole.

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DISCIPLESHIP FORMATION | Introduction | Session 1 of 5 - A Study Journal

We are beloved children of God; that is our real identity. We are called to be a people baptized as prophet, priest, kings and queens and exercise our gifts at home, church, community. As Moses said, "Would that all God's people were prophets and that God would pour out His Spirit on all of His people." Holy Spirit, come like a mighty rushing wind to refresh us, renew us, purify us, and use each of us to the glory of God.

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