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The command to "Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect" is truly a challenging one. It feels almost impossible for us as imperfect humans to achieve such perfection. However, I believe that the essence of this command lies in our inner attitude and our genuine desire to please God in everything we do, think, and say. Let's take the example of King David, who despite his imperfections, was described by God as "a man after My own heart." Similarly, we should strive to please God in every aspect of our lives, knowing that we may stumble and fall along the way. By getting back up and continuing to pursue God's heart, we can hope that God will also see us as individuals who seek His heart. We should pray and work towards living lives that bring glory to God and draw others to Him. Remember, you're not alone in this pursuit of perfection. The Holy Spirit is there to guide and support you every step of the way.

DISCIPLESHIP FORMATION | Session 3 | movie (Full Talk)


DISCIPLESHIP FORMATION | Session 3 of 5 - A Study Journal

Always remember to keep smiling, as it has the power to make people wonder what brings you such joy, prompting them to ask about the source of your happiness. Your smile could pave the way for you to share with them the joy that comes from Jesus. You can tell them about the forgiveness and peace, love and friendship, and the hope for the future that He offers. Even in difficult times, your joyful smile can offer others the chance to experience the joy of knowing Jesus for themselves.
Dear friend, allow the light and love of Christ to shine through your smile. Remember, God loves you and resides within you. Keep on smiling

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