Study with me - Bible Note taking from Heart of a Servant by Bro. Don Quilao

Who is Br. Don Quilao

Educational Attainment:
1. Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering Degree
2. Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering Major in Computer and Communications
3. With many Formal & Informal Management and Leadership Education, Seminars & Training local and abroad.

Corporate Leadership Experience:
1. Retired Manager of Manila Electric Company - Equivalent to Hydro Power Electric Company here in Canada and one of the biggest Companies in the Philippines.
2. Formerly, Process & Document Control Manager and now a Planner of EM Dynamics Ltd here in Canada.

Charismatic Experiences:
1. Past Head Servant of Joy of the Lord Foundation International.
2. One of the Founders and Past Presiding Elder of Disciple of Christ Catholic Charismatic Prayer Community.
3. Past Chairman of the Catholic Lay Preachers of the Philippines.
4. Formerly, CCRC Chairman
5. Formerly, Director of CCRC Formation Institute
6. Head Servant of the Filipino Canadian Catholic Charismatic Prayer Communities (FCCCPC).
7. Regional Coordinator and Member of the Board of Trustees of the Alliance of Filipino Catholic Charismatic Prayer Communities of North America (AFCCPC).
8. Assistant Director and Chairman of Education and Formation Ministry of the Archdiocesan Filipino Catholic Mission (AFCM).
9. Speaker, Formator and Adviser of many Catholic Religious Organization and Prayer Communities.
10. International Preacher and he has been a Catholic Lay Preacher for 39 years. He started preaching/sharing the word of God at the age of 19.
11. He also a good Home Manager and married to Norma with 5 wonderful children and 2 grandchildren.

The following topics below are a part by part of the presentation in the Heart of the Servant by Bro. Don Quilao.

Part 0/17 - Who is Bro Don Quilao


Part 1/17 - Shout for joy


Part 2/17 - In the presence of God there is fullness of joy


Part 3 and 4/17 - Who are Charismatics?


Part 5/17 - Obedience


Part 6 /17 - I am the Lord that Healeth thee


Part 7/17 - Good work has no end and no limits


Part 8/17 - Pure Heart


Part 9/17 - Focus on the Giver


Part 10/17 - Holiness to see God


Part 11/17 - Who are you?


Part 12/17 - Forgiveness


Part 13/17 - Understanding Heart


Part 14/17 - Enduring Heart


Part 15/17 - Peaceful Heart


Part 16/17 - Trusting Heart


Part 17/17 - Generous Heart and Loving Heart


Heart of a Servant by Bro. Don Quilao - whole talk


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