Grand General Assembly 2018

THEME: Transformation in Christ

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Testimony of Sis Marybelle Jose to Bro. Bob Canton.

It was the 18th day of August, 2018 the Annual Grand Assembly of FCCCPC. I attended the assembly with An air cast on my left foot limping had a bit of difficulty in walking. My purposed in attending this event is to listen to the guest speakers, to learn, to inspire and go home with a flaming heart, a zeal and enthusiastic to serve the Lord.
Having heard that one of the guest speakers is from California named Bob Canton who had been healing many people with different illnesses. Since having a foot fracture I told to myself to give a try to be prayed over and I'm not expecting anything it's either to heal or not to heal.
Toward the mid morning while listening I have an unusual feeling my heart is beating fast and I am nervous as if something will happened but I cannot identify where this is coming from. This feeling of nervousness and distrusted didn't even lead me that the Holy Spirit is giving me a message that something will happen and being reviled to me.
After the mass the a talk of Bob Canton a healing was followed. That moment of healing started I felt again nervous and my heart is beating fast. While witnessing the healing from the back seat Bro. Bob spotted me and called to come forward he let me stayed at the aisle and waited for him to be prayed over. I was surprised and thinking why me. He asked me if I want to be healed my answer is yes I knew anyone who was bounded with illness will never say no and want to be free with pain and suffering. While he was praying for me I started to pray, surrender myself and believe that Jesus is the true healer using Bro. Bod as his instrument. Through my surrender and belief iI was healed. He asked me to take out my air cast and try to walk around the auditorium I can walk but still a bit pail that I felt Bro. Bob continue to pray for my foot until I can walk normal and I can jog. I have tears in my eyes a tears if happiness a tears of a grateful heart.
To complete this testimony I waited for my doctors check up and the result of my xray my foot was well healed.
With this beautiful experience it gave me an affirmation to continue in serving and be his instrument. Thank you Bro. Bob Canton you will always be in my prayer, your ministry and your family.