Our Mission, Passion & Purpose....

FCCCPC General Assembly is held quarterly, at which time more than 20 Charismatic Prayer Communities gather for praise and worship, sharing, studies of the faith, and Eucharistic Celebration. We operate under the guidance and direction of Most Reverend William McGrattan, D.D., Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar for Ethnic Communities, and our day to day governance is under the leadership of the following:


1982: First Filipino prayer community established at St. Ann's Parish.

June 1992: Fr. Leonardo Polinar helped formed the Filipino-Canadian Catholic Charismatic Prayer Community at St. Ann's. Officers were Nol Tejada as Head Servant, Nannette Cruz as Secretary & Bebot Alejandro as Treasurer. The 10 years anniversary of the Filipino Community held at St Ann.

1994: Nol Tejada conferred the FCCCPC leadership to Glenn Jover.

July 1995: The Toronto delegation attended a Fil-Am Charismatic Convention for the first time in Philadelphia. Toronto chosen site of the 9th Conference.

May 1996: Toronto was officially annexed to the ALLIANCE OF FILIPINO CATHOLIC CHARISMATIC PRAYER COMMUNITIES North America.

January 1997: The Incorporation of the Filipino Canadian Catholic Charismatic Prayer Community as a Non-Profit Charitable Organization by Ralph Ferrer.

July 1997: 9th AFCCPCNA National Conference held at Regal Constellation. Conference Director was Deacon Bob Rosales; Conference Spiritual Directors were Fr. Albert Macalipay and Fr. Andrew Morasse. Cardinal Vidal of the Philippines and Archbishop Aloysius Ambrozic (now Cardinal) came. Glenn Jover & Ralph Ferrer as Regional Coordinators; Deacon Rosales as Spiritual Adviser.

Nov 1998: Glenn Jover was appointed as one of the Board of Directors and Merle de Guzman appointed as National Secretary of AFCCPC North America.

Oct 1999: Las Vegas Elections: Merle de Guzman is Secretary (2000-2004).

May 2000: Los Angeles Meeting: Fe Santos and Maxima Arat appointed as Regional Coordinators, representing Eastern Canada.

July 2000: 1st Regional Conference, Eastern Canada International Plaza Hotel. Fr. Lorenzo Salandanan, appointed FCCCPC Spiritual Director. Ralph Ferrer - Conference Director, Fe Santos & Maxima Arat as Co-Coordinators. Spiritual Directors - Fr. Andrew Morasse and Fr. Lorenzo Salandanan.

Years 2001 to 2003: Monthly fellowship; Annual Summer Picnic & Christmas Party.

October 2004 : AFCCPCNA National Elections held in Baltimore. Merle de Guzman National Secretary (2005-2008), Ralph Ferrer nominated as Board of Directors. Don Quilao was FCCCPC Head Servant and Merle de Guzman as Secretary. The Executive Body is: Ralph Ferrer, Glenn Jover, Fe Santos, Baby Arat, Mindo Isidro, Rod Lalog, Caring Labindao, Joseph Frias and Erlie Enriquez.

Dec 2004 :Bishop Grecco met with the Filipino Liaison (Don Quilao, Ralph Ferrer and Merle de Guzman) endorsing the FCCCPC as the Filipino umbrella community. Bishop Grecco accredited Fr. Lorenzo Salandanan as acting Spiritual Director .

April & May 2005: Two-day Workshop Discipleship & Leadership Seminar

July 2005: General Consultative meeting with Fr. Lorenzo Salandanan with the Filipino leaders. Bishop Grecco met with the Filipino clergy in the diocese.

December 2005: FCCCPC Annual Christmas Party at St Ann's Parish.

Year 2006: First Assembly by the El Shaddai Community on Jan 29th at St Monica. Celebrant Bishop Richard Grecco, concelebrant Fr. Albert Macalipay. 2nd Assembly by the Joy of the Lord on May 28th at St Jude's. 3rd Assembly by Lord's Flock Group on August 27th at St. Peter's. 4th Assembly by the Holy Family at St. Ann''s on Nov 4th. Riza Ramos installed as Asst Secretary. Christmas Party on December 26th at St. Monica.s.

Year 2007: First Assembly by The Lord is my Shepherd on Jan 27th at the John XXIII. 2nd Assembly by Holy Redeemers at St Peter's on April 15th. 3rd Assembly by El Shaddai at St Monica on Aug 19th. 4th Assembly by Joy of the Lord at the Holy Rosary on Nov. 25th. Leadership Seminars on July 14 and 28th at St. Monica Parish.

Sept 15: Creation of New Board with Prayer Group Leaders as Members of the Board. Don Quilao as Head Servant, Joseph Frias as Asst; Secretaries - Merle de Guzman and Riza Ramos; Treasurer - Caring Labindao. Permanent Board - Ralph Ferrer and Glenn Jover. Board Members: Fe Santos, Rod Lalog, Mindo Isidro, Fe Keleher, Minda Pilien, Ed Degrano, Prosy Labo and Bennie Beleno.

Dec. 21: Christmas Party at St. Ann's Parish.

Jan 27th,2008 1st Assembly hosted by El Shaddai at St. Monica's Parish; Mercy Sunday, 2nd Assembly by Holy Redeemer at St. Peter,s Church