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Online Elim Gathering

It's YOU. Your good deeds are a salt and light to others. Let it shine to others.
Let us join the Online Elim Gathering and listen to Brother Willy Nakar's talk on a great topic - Salt and Light. Please click the link.

Canada's Bible Timeline Session

We invite you to The Light of Jesus Canada's Bible Timeline Session. Our invitation features sharing and testimonies. Please click the link below.alt text We will continue the series via Zoom every Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm EST in Ontario, Canada, and the US if you have relatives in the Philippines at 8:30 am.
Brothers and sisters, if you or anyone you know would be interested, please email us at so we can share the materials with you. Here is the link for the Zoom:
Meeting id 84969473605
Password 625083
We pray and hope that there will be positive responses. God bless to all!!!

Our FCCCPC's Facebook page and YouTube channel from Filipino Canadian Catholic Charismatic Prayer Communities (FCCCPC) is to help Filipino charismatic communities by giving spiritual and moral formation, training, seminars, and conventions/ conferences.
We upload Put God First - Study JOURNAL on Tuesdays and Fridays as a way for our community to stay near the Church and our Catholic Faith. Our Speaker on Note-taking is Bro. Don Quilao.
Our Seminar will focus on the Leadership Retreat. The typical design includes six comprehensive sessions. In the same Way, it assists us in growing and enabling individuals to improve their leadership skills and abilities.
Leadership Retreat | Anchor on God | Session 6
Part 1 of 8 Winning the lost at any cost | Session 6 | | Leadership Retreat
Part 2 of 8 | Saving the saint | Session 6 | Leadership Retreat
Part 3 of 8 | Using Your Gifts Wisely | Session 6 | Leadership Retreat
Part 4 of 8 | Don't Let Your Emotions Control You | Session 6 | Leadership Retreat
Part 5 of 8 | Preaching about right thinking | Session 6 | Leadership Retreat
Part 6 of 8 | Encouraging Ourselves | Session 6 | Leadership Retreat
Part 7 of 8 | Get Out of Your Comfort Zone| Session 6 | Leadership Retreat
Part 8 of 8 | Let us Finish with Crown and Glory | Session 6 | Leadership Retreat

To learn more on the talk on - Leadership Retreat | Anchor on God | Session 6 - Study with me from the talk of Bro. Don Quilao (brilliant short videos you can watch in one go).