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God's Love

God’s love has acted on our behalf in sending Jesus to us. In Jesus, God’s love acts to bring healing for our whole being: new birth for our spirit, healing and transformation of our soul (mind, will, intellect, memories), and healing and restoration for our bodies. Love acts; and our love can act on behalf of our loved ones by bringing them to Jesus, perhaps not physically, but certainly in our prayers and intercession for them. Let your love act on their needs as well as on your own.
Lord Jesus, Love of the Father given to us and revealed to us, I come to You bringing my loved ones and friends to you that they may touch you and be touched by You for salvation and healing of spirit, soul, and body. Touch us, heal us, transform us, and use us that You may be encountered and glorified in and through us. Amen!

Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar - God's Love - Part 1/2 by Bro. Don Quilao

Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar - God's Love - Part 2/2 by Bro. Don Quilao


Receive the blessings God’s love gives to you. Give Him your love and willing obedience and reap His favour. Give to others the gifts of the Spirit that He bestows upon you. Freely you have received; freely give as Jesus said. Love is a Giver.

Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar - God's Love - A Study Journal

God, in His love for David, gave him His favour and the favour of the people; God’s love gave David kingship over Israel. Love gave David a grateful heart that acknowledged God’s blessings, that it was God’s blessing that brought successes that he and the people of Israel enjoyed. God’s love rewarded David’s love and loyalty with promises of even more. Love is a giver.

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