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Growing in the Spirit

The “Come to Me” of Jesus is a wonderful invitation, not a command. It isn’t an invitation to a one-time party or event. It is an invitation to an intimate, enduring relationship with Him, a relationship that will keep growing as we live it, a relationship that will have no end. Come!It is a “come as you are” invitation; come with your struggles, past hurts, sense of unworthiness, and patterns of sin, but come! Come to Jesus, experience His love, healing, forgiveness, rest, peace, and His great delight in you. Come and delight yourself in Him as He delights in you.
I am grateful to God for many things, but one of most favorite reasons is that He is in the recycling business. I love that He takes everything that is damaging and ugly in our lives and changes it into something beautiful and useful. Nothing, no experience, good or bad, is wasted and I take comfort in that.
So many times, when we are in the midst of pain due to the many disappointments and heartaches of life it is easy to become convinced that God doesn’t see or care about us, but I am here to tell you that He does. He sees it all. Nothing goes unnoticed by Him. In fact, every tear we cry is precious to Him. So much so that He bottles each and every one (Psalm 56:8).

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Growing in the Spirit - A Study Journal

The faith of Abraham in God Who had promised that he and Sarah would have a son, fruit of their aged bodies, is a challenge to all of us. Like Abraham who grew unfaith, we all need to keep growing in faith. We need to be fully convinced that God is well able to do what He promised, fully persuaded that What he promised He will surely do for us. Thus, as for Abraham, our faith will be reckoned to us as righteousness, “to us who believe in Him Who raised our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, Who was handed over to death for our trespasses and was raised for our justification.” (Romans 4:25) Often the call of God on our lives is a challenge to our faith, but as we respond to His call the challenge will be a source of our growth in faith. Be God minded, do not rely merely on yourself or on the opinion you or others may have about you and what you can or can’t do. Grow into the faith of Abraham.

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