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Renewal of Commitment

No matter how challenging times may come or how far away we may be from other societies, even our own communities members, those who felt Christ are never alone. Together, we're working people in desperation to discover this truth every day. After the series of video on Obedience a Christian Virtue - An Essential Part of the Christian Life. It is a sacred attitude to do to renew our commitment to God. It is by reviving our entire body, soul, mind, and strength through the listening and reading of His words. We must regularly express on God's word to ensure that we are seeking the road of life. God refers to us through His Holy Spirit and His written word. Reading and listening to God's word reminds us of what God expects of us, but it also helps renew our commitment to pledge to meditate His word in the bible.
Here is the time to become the person God wants you to be and you want to be as well. I have to admit that I am not competent who we really want to be. I am not as disciplined, thoughtful, productive, loving or caring, as I would like. I kept this in years, but when I found the door of mercy through the prayers of our prayer group inspired me to continue a fruitful relationship with Jesus Christ. God is calling you to experience the friendship with Jesus.

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Renewal of Commitment - A Study Journal

God doesn't force anyone into a relationship. He will try to try again to kindle trust and acceptance within us, and even when we have walked away countless times, He will still love us and eagerly waiting for us to embrace Him. That acceptance is adoption. Through it God full accepts us as a family, and we fully accepted Him as our Father.If we want to become disciples, we need to to obey by walking with the holy spirit. He will teach us how to appreciate and rejoice in the wonderful gifts. God has given us without falling to pride, and arrogance or lording ourselves love other people.

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