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Christmas 2019 - Togetherness, we are one with CHRIST!!!

FCCCPC CHRISTmas Spirit Presentation

While Christmas is a holiday celebrated worldwide, some Filipino traditions fully embraced and have modified into something that can quite call "ours".. Below are the things and traditions that are uniquely Pinoy. Completing the Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo is in almost everyone's bucket list. It is a practice originated in the early Spanish colonial period as a practical compromise for Filipino farmers who began working before sunrise, to avoid working in the fields under the heat of the sun. Simbang gabi is a nine-day series of masses to honor Blessed Virgin Mary. The mass starts from December 16 to Christmas eve. Filipinos wake up before the crackdown to attend the mass hoping to have a granted wish once they complete the nine days.

The following movies below are a part of our special presentation for FCCCPC and YOU.

Part 1/8 - KAMI AY NAMAMASKO by Sis Evelyn Abutan

Part 2/8 Mensahe - FCCCPC - El Shaddai DWXI - Prayer Partners Fellowship International, Inc. Toronto Chapter and other Chapters in Ontario, Canada (Joy to the world)

Part 3/8 - Christmas message from FCCCPC - Joy of the lord Prayer Group and Magnificat Charistmatic Prayer Community.(Kumukutikutitap)

Part 4/8 - Messages from the FCCCPC - Beloved Disciple of Jesus.(Payapang Daigdig)

Part 5/8 - Christmas Greetings from with FCCCPC - Elim Community and FCCCPC - Living For Christ Prayer Community.(Simbang Gabi)

Part 6/8 - Ang Pasko ay panahon ng pagpapatawad by Deacon Bob Rosales, FCCCPC Spiritual Adviser. (Pasko na naman/Noche Buena)

Part 7/8 - Togetherness, we are one in CHRIST by Bro Don Quilao, FCCCPC Head Servant. (We wish you a Merry Christmas)

Part 8/8 - FCCCPC ALL STAR - All I want for Christmas is YOU (Impromto and no practice but we dance for the LORD for YOU)

Our THEME is Togetherness, we are one with CHRIST!!!. Be the STAR and the LIGHT of the world.

Like any other countries, Christmas is celebrated with songs and praises. Usually, in the Philippines, group of people would fill the streets visiting houses with their instruments like tambourines and guitars singing their favorite Christmas songs. Then after the homeowners reward the carolers with money, they would sing their words of thanks. Recently, caroling has become a fund-raising activity by private organizations and Socio-economic groups.
Christmas is much celebrated everywhere in the world. This is a season to give love and give thanks. Filipino Christmas may feel like in the middle of summer or it neither has snow nor mistletoe, there's still no doubt that Pinoys always have a jolly Christmas. This is why everyone can say "Iba talaga ang pasko sa Pinas." (Christmas is indeed different in the Philippines.)