Healing experience - POWERFUL TESTIMONIES

Everything is possible for God, you can experience miracles in your life when you call God to intervene - even in events that seem impossible. But too often, people does not see the importance to ask God for miracles in their lives, and end up settling for far less than God's best for them.
You can always pray to God with confidence if you trust in His Son, Jesus Christ. So don't hesitate to pray about anything, including miracles! Here's you can see how God makes miracle.

Dear Friends and Associates,

This picture was taken during the Nat'l Catholic Chariamatic Convention in Philadelphia on June 1-3, 2012 . During the Healing Service at the Filipino Mini-Conference, this  His Grace lady who had not walked for the last 5 years because of her stroke, came out of the wheelchair walking normally after we prayed over her, praise God! She then asked me to sit on the wheelchair, and then pushed the wheelchair around the room with me in it.
Many more healings took place among the attendees, too numerous to mention in this e-mail. All I can say is that Jesus is the Healer and that He is still healing until now. It's really very exciting to be alive nowadays because we witness the glory of God unfolds before our very eyes, praise God!

God bless you and your loved ones.


Amazing Powerful Catholic Charismatic Testimonies and Praise Reports

Dear Friends and Associates,

Greetings to all of you in Jesus' Name!

We had a great and blessed time in beautiful Sweden, Denmark, and  Norway. In a few days, we will be heading back to the U S. Healings and miracles took place, praise God.
Many people told us that it was the first time for them to experience the powerful healing power of the Lord. The priests asked us to come back again next year, God willing. I could not thank you enough for your prayers for us. Below is a testimony from Fr. Benny Blumensaat, pastor of St. Nicolaj Kirke in Ebsjberg, Denmark, one of the priests who invited us to come to Denmark. God is really great, all the time!

God bless!


"I can do all things through Christ
   who strengthens me."--Phil.4:13

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From: Skt. Nikolaj Kirke <[email protected]>
To: Bob Canton <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, April 23, 2012 8:47 AM
Subject: Denmark

Esbjerg d. 23/4-2012.

Healings taking place in Esbjerg, Denmark.

We had a wonderful time with Bob Canton and his wife from the 18th of April to the 22th of April in Esbjerg, Denmark, where I am the parish priest.  Jesus was working miracles through their ministry, here are some of the many witnesses:
Deacon Kaare Nielsen sent this email from Copenhagen to Esbjerg: A lady was brought into hospital in Lyngby where Bob had been ministring. This lady was struck by a blood clot. A danish catholic priest father Brodersen went to see her and brought the Healing and Keeping prayer of Bob Canton and he prayed the prayer with the Lady who was  healed instantly. Praise God.
During one of the healing masses in Esbjerg a 60 year old man Vagn Konradsen was healed from cataract when Bob laid his hands on his eyes, now he sees perfectly. Praise God.
A young Vietnamese boy 19 years of age,  Jimmy Nguyen, was resting in the spirit after being prayed over with a fractured shoulder. He was meant to go in for an operation. The following day he stopped taking painkillers because the pain had left and he shoulder is now perfectly well. Praise God.
A Vietnamese lady Anna Nguyen 61 years of age was prayed over for a hearing problem. For 10 years she been wearing hearing aids and after being prayed over her hearing was restored and she is not using hearing aids anymore. Praise God.
A Polish lady Katarina was prayed over for a back problem and for migraine and problems with her lungs. After being prayed over she could breath normally and the pain had gone from her back, shoulders and head after many years in pain. Praise God.
The whole parish of Skt. Nikolaj Church in Esbjerg was touched and moved deeply from what took place among us through the ministry of Bob Canton and his wife Chita and we are looking forward to have them back next year.
I myself was prayed over for the cronical disease morbus chron and I believe the Lord has healed me instantly. Praise God.
With great joy and peace and thanks in my heart to Bob and Chita Canton. They are a great blessing to all the people here, especially Bob's great teachings and compassionate ministry.
from father Benny Blumensaat.

From: Irma Mejia <[email protected]>
Date: March 19, 2012 9:12:32 PM CDT
To: Bob Canton <[email protected]>
Subject: Testimony

Bro. Bob.

Here is a testimony from Pablo Mejia, El Paso. 

On Friday March 9th and Saturday March 10th I attended a healing conference at El Paso, TX (Christ The Savior Catholic Church) were Brother Bob Canton was main speaker. The event started with Bob Canton introducing himself and his ministry. Within minutes Br. Bob had everyone laughing and relaxed with his humor and way of expressing himself. The Lord used this moment in itself and started to bring healing to people, for most of them were relaxing from their stress and problems for they were smiling.
During the Friday night of the conference, the Holy Spirit prompted Br. Bob Canton to lay hands over the people. He said he sensed that the Lord wanted to heal shoulder and knee pains. After this, many in attendance publicly said that the pain was now gone. Many people went up for prayer and immediately rested in the Spirit.  There were also other people who went up for prayer for emotional and other physical ailments. Afterward, people commented to me that the Lord had spoken to them in visions, their hearts and their minds. People were very emotional for there was crying, laughter and much conviction in their heart.
On the following day on Saturday the 10th of March (in the morning) Br. Bob Canton begin to speak on Spiritual warfare and immediately I noticed that conviction was taking place in people’s heart. Many immediately went and got in line to avail themselves of the sacrament of reconciliation. The priest who was hearing confession (Fr. Kobe) would remain in confession for more than seven hours and only 45 minutes for lunch.  The talks were very inspiring and at times Br. Bob Canton would add humor to them. (Such as him asking how many of you don’t like your mother in law as part of his spiritual warfare talk) and everybody would just start laughing. The Lord has blessed Br. Bob and his unique way of expressing himself with humor which helps people relax and therefore the Lord starts the healing process in the person. Also, throughout the day there was much praising and dancing going on. The people were doing the actions to the songs of Awesome God, Trading my sorrows, and The Lord is my tower to name a few. The songs were very inspiring and at one point Br. Bob & Chita, joined the congregation and the Church’s youth group at the front of the Altar in praise and worship to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Brother Bob also mentioned that he had a vision that the Lord was dancing with us during praise and worship. Brother Bob also gave a talk on the Eucharist and how it can heal us and how we should do everything to receive it. Throughout the day  Br. Bob was prompted by the Holy Spirit to lay hands on people for specific healings. For example, he prayed for people who have had miscarriages, abortions, fibromyalgia, migraines and throat problems. He also prayed for people who for who had hearing problems. People were able to hear after they received healings. Brother Bob did a hearing test on them and the people could hear.
In the afternoon the conference gave way to the Saturdays anticipated mass. During this time praise and worship overtook the mass as for everyone was praising and worshiping the Lord. The offertory part of the mass was led by Br. Bob, Chita, Father Kobe, and the youth group all in the front praising and worshiping to the “Lord is my Tower” song. This was such an experience because I felt that the hand of the Lord was within us anointing his people. This lasted for about ten to twelve minutes.  As the conference was coming to its final phase, Br. Bob told the people that the Lord was prompting him to do something. At that point, he called on a lady who is legally blind and can only see four inches in front of her to come forward, for he said the “Lord wants to heal you”.  The lady came forward and Br. Bob prayed over her. He then asked the lady to move back around ten feet, the lady did. At this moment, Br. Bob was adjusting his pants, and immediately the lady told him “why you are pulling your pants up” The lady could see and everybody started cheering. She then did other hand movements that Br. Bob asked her to do. She walked around the church in elation and thanksgiving to the Lord. After this, many people came up for prayer, some of them where crying, laughing and full of joy. They all express a sense of peace while they rested in the spirit with our Lord Jesus Christ. Many families that came together were hugging and holding each other in thanksgiving to the Lord.  In the end, I feel that the Lord showed up in a mighty way and healed us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Many people said that they encountered the Lord in a very special way, an encounter that they would never forget.
Sincerely in Christ

Pablo A. Mejia
El Paso, TX

From: Linda <[email protected]>
Subject: Sjogern Disease & Lupus
To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
Date: Monday, March 19, 2012, 7:39 PM

Brother Bob

I'm sending you my testimony and
I thank God for your visit last November.  I want to give God the glory for my healing and for you Bob a faithful servant for the Lord.
When you laid your hands and prayed over me during the Healing Rally at Holy Cross here in Kauai, I could feel the blood in my veins moving throughout my body. I suffered from Sjogern Disease for 36 years which is a chronic auto immune disease in which a person's white blood cells attack their moisture glands. Also, last year my Lupus came back.  I have been in remission  with my Lupus after you prayed over me last November and the moisture has returned to my mouth and eyes. 
Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.
1 Chr. 16:34. I also thank you because you are a very powerful, yet very humble instrument of the Lord. We are waiting for your return to Kauai before the end of this year.

Linda Silva
Holy Cross Church

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Dear Friends and Associates,
Below is a recently-posted blog on the web. This was sent to me by a friend of mine. Blogs like these increase my faith in the healing power of the Lord and I believe this will do the same thing for you.
This Thursday, March 22nd, my wife and I will leave for New Orleans to speak at the Southern Regional Catholic Charismatic Conference. I will be speaking at the Youth and Adult Tracks, plus I will conduct the Healing Service on Saturday evening. I would like to remind all of you also of the Toronto Regional Conference on Sept.7-9, 2012. Please plan on coming. We have great speakers and a Spirit-filled program. And please don't miss the great hospitality and friendship of our Filipino-Canadian brothers and sisters. They are great and you will feel at home with their camaraderie and warmth. I know, because I know many of them and they have been my friends for quite a long time.
Once again, I would like to thank you in advance for your prayers. 
God bless you all!
To God be the glory, forever an ever, and ever, Amen!


Monday, February 13, 2012



I have been diagnosed with GERD. A couple of years ago when I first got this disease, I would suffer immense pain on my left side just below the breast bone. The pain was excruciating and would last for hours every single day and that was a very difficult time for me. I would also endure chronic cough and cold due to LPR.I did not take conventional medicine like PPI's or antacids because of the side effects. I would only pray and take home remedies to overcome the pain.
That same year I went to a Kerygma Conference, a two day event in Manila which includes worship, entertainment, talks, Mass and healing led by lay preacher and author Bo Sanchez. It was my first time to attend this event and I have never participated in a healing rally before. So on the 2nd day when they introduced Bro. Bob Canton to lead the healing session, I was pretty skeptical but I never imagined how powerful it can get when around 10,000 people gather in Jesus' name. So after an introduction from Bro. Bob and prayer leaflets were handed out, we all prayed together and praised Jesus Christ. He asked Jesus to send us His Holy Spirit to heal us and Bro. Bob kept repeating that it is not him who heals but only the Lord. He was a very humble man. So when he asked us to place our left hand over our companion then raise our right hand to receive Jesus' healing, the pray over began. At that instant, I felt something pop on my left side just below the breast bone. I remember a 1 inch round thing burst inside me and it felt poisonous because I felt some heat from it when it popped and dissolved inside me. Right then and there I BELIEVED. I WAS HEALED. It was a miracle. And when the deaf heard, the crippled walked, the blind saw and the sick got healed, I couldn't doubt any more. I didn't want to doubt. Because the Lord was there amongst us and He was on fire. He answered our prayers through Bro. Bob. It was just so amazing. Praise GOD! After that moment, the pain went away permanently.  It was like some kind of venomous worm was exterminated inside of me. 
It's a shame I only had to share it now after all these years but there is a time and place for everything. And if you feel sick, depressed, restless, hopeless, suicidal, skeptical or just plain hateful...please pray these prayers from Bro. Bob or better yet attend one of his healing sessions/rallies and you will be changed. Just BELIEVE in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ and you will be HEALED. Pray these prayers every day and witness your life change for the better.

From: Jeogenes Biongcog <[email protected]>
To: Bob Canton <[email protected]>
Sent: Sunday, October 7, 2012 5:47 AM
Subject: Re: How Good our God is!

Good morning Bob!

I am back to work in Prince George's County Public Schools! You know how glad I was when I drove to Pennsylvania Convention Center last June 1 and found out you were there for the National Convention of Catholic Charismatics of America.
Indeed I was healed as my voice came back to normalcy (I was whispering when I talked to you before the healing portion)!. This healing happened after I came back to present myself for the healing session on June 2nd.
My doctor advised me to use a microphone should I come back to teach this year as media specialist in the county. That was bad news for me after the second operation to remove my right thyroid glands. He told me that normally the loss of voice as caused by fourth degree cancer on the thyroid glands, may last for several months and would take a very long time until it would be back to maybe near normal voice. After you imposed your hand on me and I rested in the Spirit, I coughed away the hoarseness and I started to sing audibly that same session. I gave a testimony right then and there about the goodness of God. That following Monday (since this happened on a Saturday) I answered a call from the school secretary for a document that she needed from me. I told her about what transpired in the Convention Center in Philadelphia that weekend. She commented that she could hear the normal and strong voice I now have and said, "I hear the miracle in your voice!" All of my friends and even my doctor are amazed at how my voice came back to normal.
God be praised for blessing you with His Healing Gift!

Jeogenes Biongcog
New Jersey

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From: [email protected]
Date: October 12, 2013.

Our prayers are with you as I know you are in New York, my girls wanted me to let you know they miss you and Nilo. You both became part of our family.

Testimony :

Hi my name is Tanya Michelle Avendano, I was born blind on my left eye. I attended the healing service at St. James Church in McMinnville, Oregon on October 5th, 6th and 7th.
I was healed by the Lord on Friday, October 5th, when Bob Canton was praying for healing over me, I started to see from my left eye after his prayers. I thought I was imagining things then he asked if there was anyone here who had experienced healing. I raised my hand and praised the Lord for the miracle of giving me my vision on my left eye. This is a miracle that God did for me as I was completely blind on my left eye, all I can say is that miracles do exist. During the Parish Mass on Sunday morning, Oct. 7th, Deacon Raul Rodriguez, during his homily, asked those who were healed during the Healing Workshop by Bob Canton to please stand up. Many stood up including me. I was seated way back by the entrance of the Church. From the altar, he asked me to cover my right eye with my hand and to follow his hand movements to test my vision. I was able to follow everything that he did . The world looks different for me now that I can see with my both eyes!!!
Praise the Lord! My healing proved that Jesus is truly a loving and healing God.

From: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2012 9:50 AM
Subject: Testimonies

Hi Bob,
I hope all is going well with you and you come back home safe.I know you might still be in Europe, but wanted to send you some of the testimonies that I was able to get from our community. May the Lord bless you and your family and I hope we will keep in touch, I know it is difficult as you do a lot of traveling.

Modesto Alvarado - "I was healed from my left arm/shoulder area, I was not able to lift it up and now I praise the Lord with my hands high up due to the healing I received when Bob was out in our community. Praise the Lord!"

Teresa Gil - "I was healed from my right arm/shoulder area. I had surgery 8 years ago, I was not able to lift up my arm and now after the healing service that Bob conducted in our community. I have no words and will always give Glory to God!"

Pastora Hernandez -" I was taking medication due to issues with my lungs, when we had the healing service conducted by Bob in our community, during healing process, I started to feel burning inside of my body around my upper back area. I knew the Lord was healing me. I was healed and no longer need the medication that I was given by my doctor. My doctor stopped the medication."

Javier Alvarado - "When we had the healing service I received healing on both of my arms, I had this burning when Bob was praying over me, and I knew the Lord my healing me. Praise the Lord!"

Norma Martinez - "I suffered from depression due to a separation from my husband, but after the healing service the following week my husband and I talked and we worked things out. I am a new person and don't have that depression feeling any more. Thanks to the Lord!"

Leticia Zacarias - "I had Arthritis and ever since the healing service at St. James conducted by Bob I feel no more pain on my hands. Glory is to God!"
Lucia Muñoz - "I've had arthritis and several other physical illnesses to include, shoulders, stomach issues. I was emotionally hurt and had a lot of resentments against people that had hurt me. I was healed by the Lord and now I am able to forgive those that hurt me the most and I feel peace w/in me. I thank Bob for giving the teaching on "Forgiveness as Means to Receive Healing."
Elodia Romero - "I suffered from depression and headaches that were unbearable, I was healed during Bob's healing service. Praise the Lord!!
Maria Olague - "I suffered from depression but I was healed during the healing service. When Bob prayed over me, I felt something lifted up from me, and I felt peace afterwards."
Bertha Alicia Olague - "When I was 12 someone hit me on my left eye, I became blind and couldn't see with that eye. During the healing service I started to see with my left eye. Thanks be to God! I thank God everyday after I received this incredible healing."
Claro Calderon - "My shoulders and fingers would go numb and my eyes were dry, my eyes could not produce tears. My shoulders and shoulders are fine and my eyes aren't dry anymore. During the Healing Service at St. James, I shed tears for the first time in many years when I saw the woman running inside the Church after being healed of fractured ankle."
My personal note: Bob, there was lady, the one that had been wearing hearing aids for 5 years and during the healing service she has a testimony that she was able to hear w/o the hearing devices. I lost her name unfortunately, but we have to get her testimony and she attended all of the 3 days that you were out in our community. She was coming from a different community, not close in our area.
That is what I have, but we will continue to get testimonies during our Worship service.
God bless you and keep in touch.

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From: Debbie Catcheway
To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 7:13 PM
Subject: God is Sooo Good!!

Hi Bob,
I also want to share with you that I was healed through the "Healing & Keeping Prayer" that you wrote. I had a cyst that I had on my hand for over a year....I said "The healing & Keeping prayer" with faith that the cyst would be gone and the next day, I noticed that the cyst was totally gone. Thank you Jesus, again thank you soooo much for all your help. GOD BLESS!!!

Debbie & Clayton Catcheway

Dear Friends and Associates,
Happy New Year!!!
May the Lord's choicest blessings be upon all of us and all of our loved ones and upon our respective ministry throughout this New Year and always! Let me take this opportunity also to thank all of you for your prayers and support for this ministry in the last few years.
Below is a testimony from a priest based in Edmonton, Canada. His testimony affirms once again that "for God nothing is impossible at all."

God bless you and God loves you!!

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."--Phil.4:13

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From: Marko Stefaniuk <[email protected]>
To: Bob Canton <[email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, January 3, 2013 6:54 PM
Subject: Testimony from a Priest

Dear Brother Robert,
This time it's from listening to your cd's from the conference as it just happened last month!
This is from my spiritual director and confessor Father Mark Sych, who was hearing confessions all weekend at your spiritual warfare conference in Edmonton in September of last year 2012!
He was not able to hear you live as he was hearing confessions the whole weekend, we bring him in especially for our conferences as he has an amazing charism and gift for the holy mystery of the sacrament of reconciliation!
Please read below, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Sister Chita and your daughters from me!
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Marko in Edmonton Alberta Canada<
p.s. please add this to your e-mail mail outs for others to see how good God is for healing others through your ministry even through the cd talks afterwards! the good fruits continue!!!

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From: Marko Stefaniuk <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 7:34 PM
Subject: Father Mark Sych testimony being healed last month in December from listening to conference cd's from Robert Canton's visit!

[email protected]
Forward my testimony to the world.

"Because I could not hear Robert Cantons talks at the Spiritual warfare conference in September as I was hearing confessions all weekend at the same time I was listening to the audio CD of the talk while driving in my car last month in December. There is a part on CD #5 where he speaks about the blessings and graces of the sacrament of confession and following that moment he asked about the name of the Priests hearing confession and my name way mentioned. Shortly after that spot on the CD he began speaking about people with lower and upper back pain. As he was speaking I could feel a loosening of tension of a key spot in by back that I had an injury when I was a teen. If seemed as if he was talking directly to me in the CD and my back in that particular spot to this day feels better than ever since that day traveling and listening to the audio CDs. I feel that God has confirmed this healing ministry through this experience in my life and continues to guide and open my heart to walking this path. My soul rejoices in the Lord and all the good things He has done for me. All glory and praise to Jesus Christ today and always and blessings one hundred fold to those and faithful and obedient to His Word.
Fraternally in Christ,
Rev. Father Mark Sych

Dear Friends and Associates,
May the Lord's joy, peace, and healing touch be upon us always!
Below is a testimony from this man named Tadumi who lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
In John 5:19-21, the word of God says, "For the Father loves the Son and shows Him everything He does; and He will show Him even greater things than these, so that you will be amazed. Just as the Father raises the dead and makes them alive, so too the Son makes alive anyone He wants."
Praise Jesus, the Master Healer!! He is an awesome God!


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."--Phil.4:13


On September 21st and 22nd, 2012, the Lord made it possible for me to attend the Spiritual Warfare Conference led by Robert Canton of Robert Canton Ministries. This conference took place at the Holy Trinity Parish in Spruce Grove, Alberta. On the second day and right before lunch, Robert at one point said that there was someone in the room that was suffering from panic attacks to the point of paralysis.
Since nobody came forward as I also was looking around for someone to stand up, Robert, waiting a little longer for a response finally said: "that person is here, and that person is now healed!"
I didn't believe Robert was referring to me until, suddenly, right after he uttered these words, I experienced a warm feeling that started in my feet and slowly made its way up my cavs muscles. Confused by this sudden occurrence, I then realized that Robert had been speaking about me all along.
See, I had been suffering from an undiagnosed condition that started in 2000 but got worse in 2002. At the time, I was in college at the College of St. Joseph, VT doing my undergraduate studies and playing competitive basketball for my school. It was in this summer of 2002 that this condition, which I will describe shortly got worse. A condition that prevented me from playing my last year of college basketball, right after, as captain of the team, winning in our first conference championship in school history.
What I would experience in my worst state, was muscles seizing up to the point where I could neither walk nor get out of bed. My muscles felt so stiff that simply moving them would cause tremendous pain. No medicine, no pain killers, no muscle relaxers could help. The only thing I could do would be to laid down and simply wait for the "storm" to pass.
These occurrences would come and go, they were random, and some days would be worse than others. One day, I would be ok, the next, it would not be a good day. But it would never fail that when I was under a tremendous amount of stress, these "attacks" would surface and I'd be affected for a couple of days or even a week.
On the days where I could move around, this condition still made its presence felt with sudden painful muscle spasm or twitch to a lesser degree.
Because of this lingering condition, over the years, I've missed classes in college because of it, work days during my professional career, left work early, came in to work late and even had to take leaves from work as a result.After Robert Canton announce the healing, I could feel that, this gentle fire was in specific areas of my back: my lower back and shoulder blades. It's as if it was targeting specific areas of my body that were damaged and needed healing.
And yes, that day, I was healed by our Lord Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.
An hour later when the conference resumed, I could feel the warm feeling in my forearms moving from my elbow to my wrist as if I was being scanned. Late that afternoon, I could feel it in my right leg below the knee with the intensity of this fire being heightened a notch. The strange thing I noticed about the fire is that it felt like a fire. I felt all the effects of a fire without the burning. This gentle fire had been working on my body non-stop since Robert said that I had been healed.
And following Robert's advice, I've read the Healing Prayers every morning to ensure the healing effect of the Holy Spirit continue to work on me. A week and two day has gone by since the conference, and I still feel this gentle fire in my body.
Now, I feel relieved, full of energy again and feel that I am myself again. September 22, 2012 is a day that I'll never forget. Thank you Robert for giving me my life back. Praise the Lord.
Also thank you Chita for praying for my family. Your prayers have helped bring peace in our home since my sisters don't suffer from spiritual nightmares as frequently as they used to. And Robert, they've also been reading your Spiritual Warfare Prayers before going to sleep and it has quickly made a difference in their lives. They have better dreams now.
Thank you for everything Robert and Chita. May God continue to bless you and protect you in your travels.

Tadumi, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


"I can do all things through Christwho strengthens me."--Phil.4:13

Dear Friends and Associates, and fellow Workers in the Lord's Vineyard,
Praise the Name of Jesus, now and forever!
Below is a testimony from one of our leaders of our prayer group, The Children
of God Prayer Community of St. Luke's Parish, Stockton, California.
Her testimony shows once again that for God, nothing is impossible at all.
God bless you and your family members, and your respective ministry.
You are all in my prayers.
To God be the glory, forever, and ever, Amen.

Bob Canton

"I can do all things through Christ
   who strengthens me."--Phil.4:13

From: cindy scheublein <[email protected]>
To: Robert Canton <[email protected]>; Sharron Ecker <[email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2013 10:27 AM
Subject: Larry Ecker's Testimony

Hi Bob,
Thank you for praying for my Dad's healing and deliverance from lung cancer.  The following is our testimony of God's miraculous healing power.
My Dad, Larry Ecker, received a Goliath of a diagnosis on April 13, 2012--Stage IV Adenocarcinoma lung cancer metastasized to spine and a few bones.  This diagnosis was very surprising as Dad, a non-smoker, did not have any symptoms except for back pain.  The spinal tumor had fractured two vertebras which required surgery.  Due to the back pain, Dad was on pain medication every four hours.  Sitting in a chair or walking became very difficult.  Bending over was nearly impossible.
The words from the Lord that you shared with my Dad at the beginning of this journey of healing were:  "Do no despair, do not despair, do not let this enemy come against you.  Know that in me, there is victory, victory, victory. Hang on to me."
We took Dad to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for radiation and chemotherapy.  Dad had five radiation treatments during the first week of May 2012.  After the second treatment, instead of pushing Dad in a wheelchair to the radiation room, I was pushing the wheelchair full of our belongings and trying to keep up with Dad as he walked quickly to the radiation room.  After the radiation treatments were completed, Dad asked the radiation oncologist if he would be able to drive his tractor again.  The radiation oncologist was very cautious with his reply, sharing the news that the spinal tumor was within 1-2 millimeters of the spinal cord. 
Before Dad started his first round of chemotherapy on May 24, 2012,  you shared the following words from the Lord:  "My son, let not your heart be troubled, I am with you and you'll be amazed at what I will do."
By May 28, Dad no longer needed the pain medication  and was back driving his tractor in the fields.  Dad continued his chemotherapy treatments at Mayo Clinic during the summer.  He did extremely well with the treatments, often eating Mexican food the next day after the treatment.  He continued to work in the fields throughout the summer.  We were shouting praises to God when on July 26, 2012, the CT scan showed a 40% reduction of the lung tumor.
On October 4, 2012, Dad was scheduled for a CT scan.  I received the words from the Lord in the early morning hours, "Do not be disappointed."  I was puzzled because we all expected a GOOD REPORT since the last CT scan indicated a 40% tumor reduction.    We met with the medical oncologist after the CT scan and received the news that the lung tumor had returned to its original size which indicates the cancer is aggressive and this particular chemo is no longer effective. Prior to our departure for Mayo Clnic, my brother had received the following words from the Lord "Do not believe the report."  He was afraid to share it with us as we were all expecting a GOOD REPORT!   Now the words from the Lord made sense.
Dad started a new chemotherapy drug in mid-October.  The side effects were more challenging however, Dad continued to persevere with the Lord's strength and grace.  A CT scan on November 28 indicated the lung tumor remained the same size which was great news.  Dad continued his treatments even though it was rough.  A February 4, 2013 CT scan indicated the lung tumor continued to show no signs of growth; another good report!  During this appointment with the medical oncologist, he recommended a clinical study for Dad which would require tissue from the lung tumor.  Since there was not enough tumor tissue left over from the May 2012 lung tumor biopsy, surgery was scheduled for March 5.
On March 5, 2013, a Mayo Clinic surgeon inserted a scope into Dad's lungs to take photographs of the tumor and to remove some tissue for the clinical study.  The surgeon told us that he was unable to obtain any tissue due to lack of tumor burden.  He scoped the entire lung, all clear and lymph glands were clear.  The tumor had become scar tissue.  He said without the camera to confirm the tumor had become scar tissue, future CT scans would show the scar tissue as the tumor!  All PRAISE TO GOD!   The next day, the medical oncologist said to my Dad, "I continue to be amazed with you."  Those words reminded me of the words Bob had received on May 24, 2012 that we would be amazed at what the Lord would do.  Indeed, we were!  The Lord had turned the tumor into scar tissue!!
Dad returned to Mayo Clinic on April 4, 2013 for a P.E.T. scan.  We received the results:  "There is no visual evidence of active cancer in your body."  The lung tumor, spinal tumor and cancerous spots on other bones were GONE!!  It is truly a miracle and we praise God and give Him the glory! 
Thank you Bob for all your prayers and standing with us during this journey of healing.  The words you received from the Lord provided direction, comfort and peace. Yes, we found victory, victory, victory in the Lord and we continue to be amazed at what the Lord has done!

Cindy Scheublein
Stockton, California

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Testimony: My sister who lives in Peoria, ILL is a healthy 60 something retired teacher, except for her hypertension, diabetes and asthma, (her biggest cross). Her asthma was so acute that it acts up every change in temperature, change in environment, change of anything. Sometimes these attacks could be brutal. Last June she went to visit her daughter and family in Toronto, Canada. On the 2nd week I spoke to her and I could tell by her loud wheezing that she was having one of those asthma attacks. She said her daughter took her to the clinic and the doctor gave her antibiotics to be taken in 5 days. I checked on her on the 3rd or 4th day and she said she was feeling better. After a week, I called to check on her again and I heard again the strained breathing and wheezing. She said she already finished the antibiotic, but her asthma asthma attack was worst than the attack the previous week and she was going back to the clinic the following day. I thought, my gosh, the clinic would give her another set of antibiotics and I knew this was not really good for her, knowing her conditions. At that moment, I called Br. Bob Canton, and Br. Bob picked up the phone on the 3rd ring ( I usually get his voice mail since he goes out of town a lot doing his ministry). I asked him to pray for my sister's healing of her asthma. After he finished praying, he told me that the Lord was definitely hearing our prayers and was touching my sister. I called my sister back and I told her that Br. Bob had prayed for her and that she should continue praying for healing that evening before she would go to bed. When I checked on her again the following day, she said they're not going back to the clinic anymore as she was feeling a lot better and she said she had the most peaceful sleep that night. The wheezing had stopped and she could breathed normally. But that's not enough. She hasn't had any asthma attack since last June in spite of many triggers that she had been exposed to. Her doctor told her before that there is no cure for asthma. But we believe that with Jesus, everything is possible. Praise God!!Thank you as always, Br. Bob