Messages from the Magisterium

His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins
Archbishop of Toronto

"May Our Lord abundantly


Filipino Canadian Catholic Charismatic Prayer Communities


Rev. Fr. Ben Ebcas Jr.
Filipino Chaplaincy / Spiritual Director

There is no shortcut to following Christ. On the streets of Jerusalem where Jesus walked and carried the Cross there are several corollary pathways. It is like a maze of crisscrossing streets that seemingly lead to nowhere. When I was there with some pilgrims who took turns in carrying the symbolic Cross on the way to Calvary, I noticed that if I walk there alone I will be lost. Hence, it is important to listen and follow the guide's instructions. It is the same with our lives as Christians; we sometimes are tempted to take the shortcut to avoid the heavy traffic and noise of life's challenges. But we know from Scriptures what Jesus said;" I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." It's Jesus' Way. Someone said that the favourite theme in Hell is "I " did it my way". It is therefore imperative that we walk with Jesus and with fellow Christians.
John Dunn once said: "No man is an island. No man stands alone." We all need one another. I am very happy to see Charismatic Groups from different parts of Canada united and walking together in faith. With the Holy Spirit guiding us, there is no way we will be lost in the maze and daze of world's challenges. As they say, "United we stand, divided we fall." Keep up the good work for we have a friend in Jesus. Albert Camus once said: "Do not walk ahead of me for I may not follow, nor behind me for I may not lead; walk beside me and be my friend. " What a friend we have in Jesus!

Bro. Don Quilao
Head Servant

I would like to praise and thank God for all His infinite goodness especially for the opportunity He has given us to serve Him through FCCCPC. Truly, serving God is a privilege; an opportunity. Ultimately, this will be our greatest accomplishment at the end of our journey in this world.
Now that we already have the website, our ministry will operate more efficiently. Our communication will be faster and our ministry of evangelization is no longer limited here in Canada but also abroad. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow servants in the community for working so hard and diligently to have our own website.
This website will also be a tool for everyone to share our wonderful experiences of God's Love. Tobit chapter 12 verse 7 states It's a good idea to keep a king's secret, but what God does should be told everywhere, so He may be praised and honored (Good News, Today's English Version). Witnessing God's Love is all what we need in this world today. Just send us the miracle God has done for you and we will post it here to bless, inspire, and to tell the world that God is real and at work; His love and mercy is from generation to generations.
May the God of all grace give us peace and joy in our service for Him.
All for God's greater glory!

Deacon Bob Rosales
Spiritual Adviser

As we journey through the Year of St. Paul, I couldn't help but imagine that the launching of a website would have been another direction St. Paul would undertake if he were living today. Among other things, his personal and spiritual make up consists of his passion to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the virtues of faith, hope and love which he frequently interweaved in his spiritual teachings and ministries. This website certainly hopes to follow a big part of his mission as a medium of communication and in spreading the Good News.
The presence of the Holy Spirit and the examples of St. Paul come to life in the realities of the Filipino Canadian Catholic Charismatic Prayer Communities. Like Paul, FCCCPC edifies personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ among its member communities through individual and community prayers and religious participation in the celebration of the Eucharist. We certainly follow Paul's reminder that we are all called not to be mere individuals with gifts but a community of various charisms from one Holy Spirit who enables us to live the faith in communion with and in support of one another, other Catholic faith communities, and the Church. Unconditionally, the FCCCPC obeys and follows through the guidance and instructions of our Church's Magisterium.
While our activities understandably require a lot of sacrifices among the community members, we carry with pride and joy the message of the Cross of Jesus Christ and His resurrection. And we must always be prepared to be imprinted with that Cross. We constantly seek the intercession of His mother as we face the necessity of suffering for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus and for the sake of the truth. Jesus suffered, died, and was raised, and so shall we be. Jesus was victorious, and so shall we be. We believe and hold on to this hope.

Deacon Alex Masongsong
Spiritual Adviser

During the month of October, the Marian month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, the mother of the Church and our mother, we, the members of FCCCPC, together with our families and loved ones observe and celebrate many Feast days in her honour which also include novenas and other prayers of devotions. We also seek God and ask for Mary's intercession in other petitions, prayers and intentions that need immediate attention and answer. In this aspect, Mary has become a model for our lives. She inspires us to approach God with attentive love, seeking to know God's will in order to satisfy his desires. She is a model for making God's word our own and continue to confidently encounter Christ's love in our lives with trust and faithfulness. ..
On Thanksgiving Day, which we observed and celebrated last October 13, we give thanks to our Lord our God for the many grace and blessings we received. As brothers and sisters in our community, we share the bountiful goods given to us by God to others. In gratitude, we do our best in however we can in helping and caring for the poor, the homeless, the sick, the elderly and those less fortunate than us.
In November, we observe Remembrance Day and remember our faithful departed especially our loved ones in the family and in the community. As we remember them, we rejoice because they are now feasting at the heavenly banquet with the one who loved us most, our creator. We also reflect on Jesus who died and saved us from sin so that we shall live forever.